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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q - I am an Arts Graduate but want to study Business from New Zealand. Is it possible?

Ans - Yes, you are eligible to apply for a Graduate Diploma program in Business, provided your academic and IELTS scores meet the eligibility criteria. A Graduate Diploma is a level 7 program and is a one-year full-time program designed for students seeking to (i) bridge the gap between their first degree field of study and a career in business, or (ii) build a firm foundation for further study at postgraduate level in the new discipline.

Q – I am currently a student of 12th standard and would like to become a Chef. What options do I have?

Ans – There are a range of certificate, diploma and Degree programs available such as Hospitality Management, Commercial Cookery, Patisserie, Bakery & Food Processing, International Culinary Arts etc. C

Q – I am in my final year of graduation from Delhi University. Can I get admission in an MBA program in International Business in London?

Ans – Yes, admission to an MBA program in the UK is possible without work experience. In order to qualify, you need to score a higher second class or first division in your Bachelors Degree and at least an overall of 6.5 Bands in IELTS with nothing less than 6 in each individual module.

Q- Which are some of the top ranking universities in Canada?

Ans – Canada has some of the world’s top ranking Universities such as the University of Toronto (Toronto), University of British Columbia (Vancouver), McGill University (Montreal), University of Alberta (Edmonton), Simon Fraser University (Burnaby), University of Calgary (Calgary), York University (Toronto), University of Victoria (Victoria), University of Waterloo (Waterloo), Queen's University (Kingston) etc.

Q – I am a student of XIth class (Science stream) in Bangalore and would like to apply for an engineering program in USA. What specialized areas can I consider?

Ans - For undergraduate study, students generally require to build a foundation in one of the four main streams of engineering before branching into a specialized field. Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering are the main groups, and specialized areas include aerospace, agriculture, architecture, biomedical, IT, environment, nuclear, petroleum etc.

Q – What are the post study rights available for International students pursuing diploma programs in Australia?

Ans - According to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Graduates of an Australian Bachelors degree, Masters by coursework degree, Masters by research degree or PhD will only have access to the post-study work visa.

Q – I had to drop out from school 3 years ago while I was in XIth standard due to some family problems. My father runs a restaurant in Mumbai and I want to take this business further by studying hospitality from abroad. With my educational background can I get admission in a hospitality management course in Singapore?

Ans – Singapore offers an excellent range of hospitality courses. Yes, we have some very good course options for Xth pass students, where students also get the opportunity to get some hands on work experience through the optional On the Job Trainings (OJTs) available with these programs.

Q – I want to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering from New Zealand. Can my spouse also accompany me during the period of my study.

Ans – Yes, the spouse of a student pursuing a Level 8 or higher programs in NZ, is eligible to apply for a dependent work visa. Subject to Immigration clearance, your spouse will be entitled to work full time (i.e. 40 hrs/week) during this period.

Q - I want to apply for a Bachelors program in Canada but unfortunately only scored 5 Bands in IELTS. Is there any possibility for admission with this score?

Ans - I’m afraid not, you will have to reappear for your IELTS to score at least 6 Bands overall in order to qualify for admission to an under-graduate program. We recommend you to take IELTS training and register for a retake. Please note that there is no specific time gap that needs to be there between to subsequent attempts

Q – I have done my BTech (Mechanical) and now want to apply for a Masters program in Germany. Do you have any options for me?

Ans - Germany is an excellent choice to pursue a Masters level program in engineering. German engineering technology is undoubtedly amongst the best in the world. Also if you have a strong academic background and good level of English you may be eligible for a scholarship or fee waiver.

Q – What is an SOP?

Ans – Most Universities require an SOP from students at the time of filing an application for admission. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a summary of your future plans, career goals/desires, interests for study etc. The purpose of an SOP is to help the University assess what you want to learn and whether the programme provides this, whether the programme will prepare you for the type of career you’re looking for, and which elective courses would be most suitable so that you take the topics of interest to you. An SOP should NOT include a copy of the CV/work or study history in detail and rely on vague, obvious plans. A well written SOP is critical to securing you admission into a program and institution of your choice.

Q- If I secure admission in a University of my choice, can I be assured that I will be granted a visa?

Ans – No. An offer letter from a recognized Educational Institution is required at the time of filing a visa application and is an important part of the visa application. However, immigration authorities also consider a host of other factors such as a course that indicates career progression, the student’s financial capability and history of funds, academic and career history, genuineness of intent etc.

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