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About Caipsfile !

Caipsfile is an authorized agency providing services for CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS notes. If you are re-applying for any type of visa for Canada or just want to check the status of your visa, our services can prove useful in accelerating your visa re-application process. We came up with this idea of processing CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS to help individuals who were distraught due to an unexpected delay in their visa process. Requesting CAIPS notes is just one part of the many services our adroit team offers. Over the years Caipsfile has come across various kinds of CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS notes to build a robust experience of dealing with complex cases. Our team provides a customized solution for each obstacle in the trail of your visa application mentioned in the CAIPS notes. Caipsfile aims to assist the individuals who applied for a particular type of visa and were refused, people who are awaiting updates on their application, candidates who have received a request for an interview from the CIC, and people who wish to acquire additional documents to review their application or simply want to acquire medical records. Our team is proficient in ordering the CAIPS, decoding the technical language and recommending you the best solution to deal with the particular situation. We know how important it is for you to get a Canada visa. Therefore, we as experts would like to help you determine the reason for the delay or rejection of the visa process by ordering CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS notes. Caipsfile will allow you to acquire all the CAIPS services from one platform without having to visit multiple sources. Our professionals work on one case accurately and persistently until they come up with an optimum solution to strengthen your case. Caipsfile strive to deal with utmost complex and varied CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS notes. Caipsfile will support you at every step of the CAIPS process until you get all the answers to your questions. To save your time and money, we have come up with exclusive packages of CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS notes for you. Caipsfile would feel grateful to help you solve your visa problems and guide you towards re-application.

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CAIPS stands for “Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System”. It is computer system used by all Canadian visa Offices / Consulates to process visa applications. This system is being superceded by new GCMS system. It has computerized record of all visa applications including remarks and interviews if taken by high commission in past outside Canada. CAIPS / GCMS is for any type of Canada visa applications made outside of Canada.


FOSS stands for “Field Operational Support System”. Similarly FOSS is the computer system used by CIC offices in Canada to track all immigration related information, the system is mainly used for application made in Canada just like CAIPS this system is superceded by GCMS. FOSS also contains CBSA details past interviews, conversation held at Port of Entries. FOSS / GCMS is for Visa applications made within Canada.


GCMS stands for “Global Case Management System”. Currently most of the Canadian Offices have GCMS system. With GCMS and Unique Client ID, Immigration Information, historic or current is available to CIC and CBSA anywhere in the world. FOSS / GCMS is for Visa any type of Canada visa applications made within the Canada.

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